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International Cycling History Conference
Offering historians a forum to exchange their findings and ideas                ©2014- 2024 ICHC

About the ICHC

The first International Cycling History Conference was instituted in 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland, offering historians of the sport and the technology a forum to exchange their findings and ideas. Since these first beginnings, a conference has been held each year in locations ranging from San Remo (Italy) to Osaka (Japan), and from Cambridge (England) to Stellenbosch (South Africa).


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At each of these conferences, delegates make presentations about specific aspects of the history of cycling and the bicycle. In many cases, myths are debunked (such as Hans-Erhard Lessing’s work on uncovering the hoax of the alleged “Leonardo da Vinci bicycle.”)

Each conference is organized by a different group, institution, or individual — sometimes with sponsorship of one or more companies or organizations. After each conference the proceedings are published. These books provide the most complete and up-to-date inventory of the state of the art in cycling history available anywhere in the world.


Above Photo: The riders who rode from Nancy (France) to Karlsruhe (Germany) to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Invention of the Draisine by Karl Von Drais.