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The City: Indianapolis, Indiana (often shortened to “Indy”. Indianapolis is the capitol of the USA’s State of Indiana, and it is the most populous city in the state. Indianapolis is also the largest city in the United States not on a major water way. The city is often referred as the Sports Capital of the World because it is host to the ‘Indianapolis 500’ (an automobile race, and the largest one-day sporting event in the world) in addition to hosting many other amateur, NCAA, and professional sports events. Most importantly for this Conference, Indianapolis is where Major Taylor was born, and where he got his start in bicycle racing. Major Taylor became the U.S. and then the World Champion bicycle rider (the fastest bicycle rider in the world) in 1899, and he went on to race in Europe which made him the first African American professional athlete.


The Indy 500 Racetrack and Museum: Arrangements are being made to enable the Conference participants to visit the Indy 500 Racetrack and Museum as part of the Conference Program.


The 31st ICHC Conference Center: The 31st ICHC will take place in the Indiana War Memorial (IWM) that consists of an imposing building that occupies a large block of park-like land in the center of Indianapolis. This building is used for a variety of civic and private events with several meeting rooms and a large auditorium. The building is very suitable for an event like the 31st ICHC, and its use is being offered free of charge to the ICHC Planning Committee because Gary Sanderson is a military veteran having served in the U.S. Army and the California National Guard from 1954-1960.


Lodging: Lodging must be arranged privately by the 31st ICHC participants. There are reasonably priced motels located within easy walking distance of the IWM and elsewhere in the area. A list of recommended accommodations with special pricing for persons attending the 31st ICHC will be sent to all interested persons by November 2021 with the Conference Registration Form.


Dates: Saturday through Tuesday: July 16-20, 2022. A full program will be available with the Registration Form in November 2021.


Airport: Indianapolis International Airport has direct flights from Paris and many other cities. Uber would be the recommended best connection to the City. Approximately 20 minutes of travel time.